FREE FILING: Federal and state e-filing is FREE for qualifying Arizona filers and qualifying Michigan filers and qualifying Missouri filers. Please bookmark this page. You must use this page when you enter your SSN and start your return.

This government authorized e-file website is for filers of Federal forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ and filers of Full Year Resident State tax returns. You can use a self-select PIN to e-file a completely paperless return. State-only returns are available.

There is no up front cost or obligation to prepare and print a copy of your return. So try it out! If your return is rejected there are no charges to correct the problem and resubmit the return. Click the OUR PRICES button on the left for more information and additional restrictions.

Paper Check Option: average1040 users entitled to a refund who do not want to use Direct Deposit can request a paper check refund. If you select the paper check option you do not need to enter banking information.

Customer service is available at no charge. Click the Support link on our banner for more information.

In order to get started please do the following:
  • Click the FORMS SUPPORTED button on the left and make sure we offer all of the forms you need;
  • Open the CHECKLIST link in the upper left hand corner and use it as a guide while you work on your return;
  • Click the blue button on the left when you are ready to start entering your return information.
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